Make Hay While the Sun Shines

The above proverb is useful advice in many circumstances. To me this month, though, a better idiom may be 'Make photos while the lambs lamb'.

I think I might be addicted... But I went back to a previously visited haunt to get another lamb-y fix, knowing that they won't be around for much longer.

I noticed on this occasion that the male lambs are definitely a lot more aggressive (for want of a better word - it's difficult to feel intimidated by these cute little balls of fluff) than the female ones. The little chap below had been eyeing me up for a few minutes and making what I can only assume were cusses in bleat form in my direction, before taking a fearless run directly at me. It was that or he just wanted to be friends and was saying nice stuff. Either way, it was quite adorable. After getting within about 10 feet of me, he stood and stared for a little bit before turning around and retreating back to his mum.

Once again, it was a lovely experience. These spring lamb photos were all taken in the Warwickshire countryside.

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